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The history of ELINCOM SUKSES ABADI in August 2006 under name CV. ELINCOM SUKSES ABADI. Then in January 2010 ELINCOM SUKSES ABADI become a Limited Liability Company/Perseroan Terbatas (PT).

PT. ELINCOM SUKSES ABADI has developed the product package of field instruments and process control automation system lines offering you the comprehensive solutions for value - for money protection.

We focus the product differentiation with other competitors and strong after sales service for maintaining good relationship with customers. Good relationship has of us to anticipate its customers changing needs, from small and big companies. Longstanding customer relationships give PT. ELINCOM SUKSES ABADI as excellent perception of market work both ways.

While we are constantly striving to serve customers better, their inputs are helping PT. ELINCOM SUKSES ABADI to improve its own technology and services to their advantage.

Our local and international customers have come to rely on our cost effective alternatives to be exact replacements from the world leaders.

PT. ELINCOM SUKSES ABADI has some work experiences in Sugar Refinery, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries for EPC of Process Control also Supply & Service for Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical, and Communication equipment.

Making PT. ELINCOM SUKSES ABADI formidable company, advance, grow and honorable in all his areas of business.

Working in the field of Contractor and Trading Supply and other businesses that support the company's business with a vengeance.

Serving the all needs of customers with products and services of high added worth and with sufficient profit for the company and its partners.

Of all the expected PT. ELINCOM SUKSES ABADI can improve the quality of life for employees and owners.

PT. ELINCOM SUKSES ABADI committed to provide the best service and products to all customers.